Kettlebell Training

Has a rich historic and of physical culture origin. Its use as gymnastic tool dates back to ancient times (there are proofs in Ancient Egypt and China dated more than 2000 years ago; it’s said that Shaolin Monks seem to use jades filled with sand to peerform toning exercises).

Kettlebell (or “handbell o girya”) was found for the first time in 1704 in a Russian dictionary. Its modern form was created by Russian army, which used it for military trainings, merging an handle with a cannon ball. Zar Alexander III was so astonished to force all his bodyguards to use it. Girya circulated in Russian circus and after the second world war became a real sporting discipline used to improve the development of explosive power, agility and endurance.



Kettlebell History

In 1974 girevoy was defined “ethnic sport” by several soviet republics; in 1985 in fu dichiarato da molte repubbliche sovietiche “sport etnico”; nel 1985 in Soviet Union there was the first sport girevoy world championship.

Kettlebell at first had 1 pod as weight unit, that is to sai 16 kg, but there were also in smaller sizes equal to its multiples and sub-multiplexes, used as counterbalance for scales with the appropriate handle for hanging. The most ordinary weights for a sporting use are 8, 12, 16, 24, 32 kg, but today it exists on market also in bigger sizes, untill 60 kg.

Kettlebells are very useful to increase power, improve coordination and agility, develop specific quality and pyhisical preparation in general. Using Kettlebells is good for heart and improve our fitness. One of girei’s feature is the balanced development of all organs and muscles with an important hypertrophy in the muscles of the humeral bare muscle.

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