About +Watt

+WATT was born in 1997. It was founded by Marco Favaron and Guido Vantini, who came from scientific research, both in Italy and abroad, and from professional sport experiences.

+WATT works with rigour and dedication in the sector of food supplements, progressively ensuring quality standards higher and higher.


In +WATT each process describes the responsibility to do things right.

“When we were born 23 years ago, we started to work imagining that, in time, we should carry on a choice absolutely against the tide in food supplements context, that’s to say to deploy the production inside.

Removing intermediate steps between us and the product, allows us to choices every single raw material, buy it and verify it, and to know for sure what we’re going to put in each jar.

Not only that. Statements of our products really changes over time. We tested it in partnership with a lot of athelts, we gathered their own impressions, we talked with their sport medical physicians and then we came back to our labs to step it up.

So we built our excellence. That’s why not all supplement companies are equals”


Our purpose is to ensure that everyone can make the most of their physical potential.

All of us, both everyday and through the hardest situation, can always improve and bring out unexpected resources.

Main Lines

  • POWER LINE, for muscles word and body building;
  • ENDURANCE LINE, for endurance sports;Linea Wellness, dedicata al benessere della persona.
  • WELLNESS LINE, for personal wellness;Quality Food, l’eccellenza nella nutrizione.
  • VEGETAL LINE, an adequate amount of protein, 100% vegetal;
  • – QUALITY FOOD, the excellence of nutrition

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    Were to find us

    Via Dei Cipressi – 1 53036 Poggibonsi (SI)

    E-mail: palestraoxigym@gmail.com

    Phone: 0577980549

    WhatsApp: 3922246957