Privacy Policy

According to 13th and 14th art of 679/2016 EU Regulation
Last update on December 2018

With this document OXIGYM S.S.D. a R.L., holder of web site (hereafter named “Site”), is going to inform its Users that their personal data, used to browse this site, logging in the homepage or browsing through other sites, will be processed carefully and with suitable safety. We state that the present Policy – according to 13th and 14th art. of 679/2016 EU Regulation – isn’t valid for every other web site eventually browsed through the links you find here.

1. Data Process’ Holder
OXIGYM GYM S.S.D. a R.L. situated in via Località Spedaletto, 4 53036 Poggibonsi (SI) C.F. and VAT Number 01404290528
Process’ Holder e-mail contact:

2. Types of collected Data
Personal Data, collected indipendently or through somebody else, are: Cookies, utility Data, e – mail, Name, Surname, username, unique device identifiers for advertising (es. Google), geo location and languege.
More complete details are available for consultation in the different sections of this Privacy Policy or through specific information texts before collecting all data.
Personal Data should be freely provided by User or, in case of utility data, should be indipendently collected while browsing the web site.
If there aren’t specific instructions, all data required for this web site are compulsory. If User rejects to communicate his data, it could be impossible for this website to provide the required service. Anyhow, if some forms in the site are signed as Optional, Users can freely abstain to communicate those data, without any consequence to the availability or operation of the required service.
The possible use of Cookies – or any other type of tracking – by this website or holder of other services, if not specified, is intended to provide the Service required by User, beyond other purposes described in this document and in Cookie Policy, if it is available.
User is responsible of his Personal Data, both published and shared through the web site and he guarantees the thruth, getting the Holder free of any responsibility towards everyone else

3. Purpose of data sharing
Processing of Personal Data has the following purposes:
• collection of personal data entered and sent voluntarily by the User by filling out the “contacts form” available in this web site;
• collection of personal data entered and sent voluntarily by the User by e- mail to the adresses indicated in this web site;
• match and requests of any information and start of pre – contractual reports;
• allow the registration to the newsletter provided by the Holder;
• prevent or find out faudolent activities or abuses dangerous for this web site;
• exercise the rights of the holder, for example the right to a fair hearing.

4. Legal Basis of the Treatment
The processing of personal data is based on the right of information, on the fulfilment of contractual obligations or social contact, or, if necessary, on the consent through the free and conscious filling of the apposite informative fields in the forms available on the web site.

5. Mode and place of processing of the collecting data
Mode of processing data
The Holder adopts the appropriate security measures to avoid the not authorized login, disclosure, editing or destruction of personal data.
The treatment is performed by using IT or telematic tools, organizations methods and logics strictly related to the specified purposes.
Besides the Holder, data could be treated also by other parties involved in OXIGYM S.S.D. a R.L. (admin, marketing, trade, legal staff and system admin), or external parties (like technical services providers, mail carriers, hosting, providers, IT companies, communications agencies), also named, if necessary, Data Processors by the data controller.
The updated list of persons in charge will be always required to the Holder or the treatment.

Personal Data are processed at the Operational headquarters of the Holder.
If this would be exploitable to the pursuit of the purposes indicated in point 3, Data should be transferred to foreign countries, to holdings registered in EU or outside the EU.
In this case, the Holding undertakes that Data will be processed with the utmost confidentiality entering, if necessary, into deals ensuring an adequate level of protection and/or adopting standard contracual clauses provided by the European Commission.

6. Juniors
Web Site and Services of treatment’s Holder are not available for people yunger then 18 years and Holder doesn’t provide to collect data about juniors intetionally.

7. Data retention time
Data will be processed and kept for the time required by law for the purposes for which they are collected.
Inter alia, for example but not by exhaustive way, for:

• Personal data collected to subscribe a deal by Holder and User will be retained untili t will be ended the execution of this deal and by law;
• Personal Data collected for purposes attributable to the legitimate interest of the Holder will be retained until the satisfaction of this interest. User could obtain other informations as regards the legitimate interest pursued by Holder in the corresponding section of this document or by contacting the Holder;
• Treatment is based on User agreement. Holder can retain all personal data as long as the agreement will be rescinded.
Moreover, Holder should be forced to retain Personal Data for a longer time, in compliance with legal obligation or by order of public authority. When this period will end, all Personal Data will be erased. So it would not be exercised the right of entering, erasing, correction and transferring of data.

Form e Newsletter
“Contacts” Form
User agrees to process his personal data by filling out the contacts form, to answer to marketing, promotional, technical or any kind of requests, indicated by the title of the form. Processed Data: Name, Surname e-mail address

By recording the newsletter, User’s e-mail address will be included authomatically in a list of contactsto which they should be sent e-mail with marketing and promotional informations about this App.
User’s E-Mail address should be added to this list as result of registration to the web site or after shopping.
Personal Data Processed: E-Mail.

8. Cookies
Use of Cookies in the web site is subject to regulation in the corresponding section named Cookies Policy.

9. Social network Widget
“Social plugin” are buttons of the web site which represent social network icons (As Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Skype, etc..) and which allow the User to interact with this socials in a direct way, for example sharing contents.

10. Rights of Data Subject
GDPR Regulation provides to the subjects many rights for their personal data processed by The Holder of the treatment. Inter Alia, we state that the Low recognizes to Users the rights of art. 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th, 20th, 21th, 77th and 82th of GDPR (for example the right to obtain the confirmation or less that their data are still existing, if they will be erased because of the bretch of law, the correction, the opposition to their us for any motivation…).
The Holder undertakes to provide feedbacks in 30 days, and, if it is impossible, to explain the eventual extension of the terms provided. The feedback will be free, except in cases of groundlessness or expansive requests for which it could be billed a cost lower than the right costs incurred for the reserch.
For any kind of request about informations and/or clarifications, questions or claims about the processing of personal data and to reclaim his own rights, Data subject will need to address by writing to e-mail address or through S/R Certified Letter addressed to the Holder of Treatment, as indicated in 1st point.

11. Amendments to Privacy Policy
PALESTRA OXIGYM S.S.D. a R.L. has the right to change, upload, add or remove any sections of this Privacy Policy according to its own discretion and anytime. The subject data has to verify periodically if there are any amendment published on this website page.