Pole Dance

What is Pole Dance?

Pole dance is a mix of gymnastics and dance with the pole. It is based on the execution of acrobatic figures, which require remarkable quality of strength, agility, coordination flexibility and endurance. It is a complete and intensive sport which allows to burn calories and to invigorate all the body. It is forbidden to confuse it with the Lap Dance. Pole Dance (or dance with pole) arrived in world gyms as acrobatic dance, able to charme who looks at it. Learning the art of pole dance is not easy: to learn the 140 expectes figures requires commitment, devotion and the right physical preparation, to improve strenght , flexibility and coordination. A really complete work which allows to burn calories and meanwhile to invigorate all the body.
During the class you work on muscle strengthening and when you climb the pole you train without realizing it, always getting tested.


Benefits from Pole Dance

Body change very quickly during the first months of training yet. It sculpts itself and at the same time you become stronger and more resistant. Shoulders are modeling, back and arms are firm, so that we can say soon goodbye to the bothersome falling skin under arms. Legs and buttocks too they work strongly to help us to climb the pole and hang it.

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