Spartan SGX

What is Spartan?

SpartanSgx Training is an essential training for those who want to face obstacle competitions like SpartanRace and OCR, in fact it provides a series of targeted training to create at the motor level those mechanisms that facilitate the athlete in overcoming any type of obstacle . But it is not just aimed at those who want to try their hand at this sport. The SpartanSgx Training is a mixed and complete training method, where no muscle of the body is neglected and where all the biomechanical movements, even the most primordial and often lost due to inactivity or too many sectorial sports, are reintegrated, until they are cultivated with works of strength, power and endurance. But it is not only the body that is trained in this method, the mind also has its fundamental role, because overcoming a wall does not only mean going beyond a wall, in life there are much higher walls to overcome. But the most beautiful aspect of this type of training and sport is undoubtedly the fact of being fun and engaging, where training after workout everything grows, the technique, strength, your friendships, your enthusiasm.

Who can participate at Spartan SGX?

The Spartan course is suitable for any type of person and any type of age. Competitive competitions are present throughout the national and international territory where anyone with the right preparation can participate and get involved. Children: Develop motor skills, coordination and help the child to achieve goals by overcoming obstacles in training and during competitions. Men and Women: Develop coordination, strength, balance, resistance and help overcome fears by overcoming obstacles during training, obstacle courses and competitions . Spirit of belonging to the group.

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